Bespoke solutions for oceanographic and marine environments

Metocean measurements

We offer industry-standard metocean measurements services for coastal engineers, oil and gas companies and hydraulic modellers. With our own inventory of ADCPs and buoys, as well as a team of highly experienced oceanographic engineers, we are ready to mobilize on short notice to fulfill all your environmental data needs, whether they are in inland waters, nearshore, or offshore regions.

Water Quality monitoring

Whether you need water samples for lab analysis or in-situ measurements using the latest multiparameter water quality sondes, we can help you efficiently monitor water quality. Our experience in water quality includes dredge monitoring, harmful algal bloom monitoring, effluent monitoring, aquaculture farms, mangrove health monitoring, environmental baseline studies and offshore deepwater profiling in over 1km water depths.

System Integration and Commissioning

We install tailor-made data monitoring systems for our customers. Some of the systems we have commissioned include current and wave sensors, weather stations, water quality monitoring systems, oil spill detection systems and tide monitoring stations for offshore oil and gas platforms, ports, dredging companies, power plants and many more. 

Professional Training

Do you have your own instruments but you are not sure about the best practices for operating them? Contact us! We are happy to share our extensive knowledge with you and regularly conduct training courses for our clients.