The latest oceanographic and marine scientific research equipment available for short-term and long-term rentals

Nortek, Datawell, Valeport, RBR


Aquadopp Current Profiler (ADCPs), Waverider Wave Buoys, Tide gauges (radar and pressure based)

CEE Hydrosystems, Hypack, Sonarwiz


Single-beam and multibeam echosounders, Hypack and Sonarwiz data processing softwares

In-Situ Environmental

Water Quality Monitoring

Multiparameter water quality sondes with pH, conductivity/salinity, temperature, dissolved oxygen, Chlorophyll-a, Blue Green Algae, FDOM, Crude Oil, Turbidity sensors and telemetry devices


KC Denmark, General Oceanics

Water and sediment samplers

Ponar, Van Veen, Helley-Smith grab samplers, Niskin bottles, deepwater rosette


Sonardyne, Metocean Telematics

Underwater and Satellite Tracking systems

HomerPro handheld diver relocating unit, Metocean Telematics iBCN satellite beacons, Sonardyne TZ-OBC underwater asset tracking beacons

Hemisphere, Stonex


AtlasLink, Vector VS330, X120 SLAM Laser, S850 GNSS receiver