About Us

We offer robust, innovative and efficient solutions to the meteorological, oceanographic and environmental markets

Who We Are

Vertex Ocean Sciences Sdn. Bhd. (VOS) is a private limited Malaysian company established in 2013 to provide oceanographic and marine environmental services for the coastal and offshore markets. VOS management team brings more than 25 years of combined coastal and offshore experiences. VOS has completed several major projects in the APAC region with an aim to cover more geographical areas through strategic partnerships. Our team comprises of personnel who are technically competent and field savvy with broad multi-disciplinary expertise. We have a diverse customer base that includes academic institutions, research agencies, engineers and hydrographic surveyors as well as oil & gas companies. VOS aims to provide the client with the most reliable and robust solutions and technologies for their environmental and oceanographic needs without compromising quality.

Markets Served

Solve business problems with data-driven solutions built to your specific requirements

Coastal Engineering

We specialize in current and wave measurements in the nearshore region. With a large inventory of ADCPs and custom-built mounting frames, we have completed over a 100 deployments in Malaysia and abroad.

Ports and Maritime

We have installed several real-time monitoring systems at various ports in Malaysia. This includes tide (water level), current, wave, and weather sensors transmitting data in real-time for critical port operations.

Oil and Gas

We have a long history of providing real-time metocean monitoring services for oil and gas companies. This includes commissioning wave buoys, weather monitoring systems, current and water level monitoring systems.

Offshore Sampling

With our own rosette sampler, CTD, water and sediment sampling equipment we have completed multiple offshore water sampling campaigns for the environmental consultants.

Marine Environment

We have commissioned over 15 turnkey real-time water quality monitoring stations for various clients in Malaysia. We also offer our water quality sensors for short-term rentals.

Underwater Noise

We partner with underwater acoustic companies and experienced marine mammal observers and passive acoustic monitoring experts to offer underwater noise monitoring services.

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