Bespoke solutions for oceanographic and marine environments

System Design

VOS leverages industry expertise to produce custom engineered solutions to diverse subsea measurement and communication problems.

Leveraging our Partners bespoke technologies of logging, acoustics and subsea communication, we design and supply systems to meet you specific operational requirements.

Working closely with you, we develop the optimum solution to meet your measurement and communication needs, selecting our own instrumentation when design cycles need to be rapid, or integrating instruments from many third party instrumentation providers when appropriate.


  1. Motion, Tension
  2. Turbidity, Temperature, Waves, Tide
  3. Pipeline Pressure, Temperature
  4. Pressure, Depth, Water level, Currents
  5. Leak Detection
  6. Chlorophyll, CDOM, PAR, Salinity
  7. DO, pH, Redox
  8. Flow, Load