Bespoke solutions for oceanographic and marine environments

Instrument Design

Having well-established relationships with a diverse range of product manufactures and expertise using their products - VOS builds upon this knowledge and product base to offer instrument design services for those requiring project / application specific instruments.

By incorporating third party sensors, data logging, custom electronics and housing design, VOS designs subsea instrumentation for a wide range of applications.

Recognizing that each of our clients needs differ, VOS works closely with our clients throughout their project to reach their goals.

The process is simple and starts with an initial consultation with one of our solutions experts. Contact us now to get started!


  1. Oceanographic instrumentation
  2. Low power data loggers
  3. Suspended sediment acoustic characteristics
  4. Digital signal processing
  5. Temperature and pressure measurement
  6. Underwater sound propagation
  7. Marine mammal acoustics
  8. Cathodic protection