Offering comprehensive services to help you access and understand your data.


In addition to the retrieval of logged data, our services include field deployment of instruments to measure / monitor physical and chemical parameters

Sub-Surface Mooring

The subsea mooring comprises an array of sensors deployed at specific intervals (depths) along the mooring line to acquire the seasonal information along the water column for various studies and model

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Seabed Platform

VOS offers real-time monitoring systems delivering data directly to you - lowering the costs of employing divers or deploying ROVs.

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Surface Buoys

The Datawell Waverider Buoys have a long history and its wave height measuring buoys have been the world standard for over forty years.

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Offshore and Onshore Facilities

VOS has the capability to integrate and provide customized metocean monitoring systems for both onshore facilities and offshore platforms including vessels.

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