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Metocean IR-7300 Iridium Beacon



Receive real-time GPS positioning

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The NOVATECH IR-7300 Iridium Beacon is a ruggedized incident alerting system designed to monitor and protect valuable oceanographic assets.

Utilizing the Iridium satellite telemetry system allows users to receive real-time GPS positioning, and have bi-directional communication with the beacon at a cost effective price.

The IR-7300 is submersible to ocean depths of 7300 meters (24,000 feet), and can transmit up to 90 days at 1 hour interval. The activation of the IR-7300 is automatic, when submerged below 10 meters it is OFF and at the surface it is ON.

With the ability to be retrofitted to any existing deep rated NOVATECH tube, by adding two additional ?C? cell alkaline batteries, the IR-7300 is a critical tool when monitoring assets around the world.

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