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Hypack Hysweep


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Calibration, Data Collection, and Processing

Hypack     |     HySweep

HYSWEEP? is an optional module that provides for the calibration, data collection and data processing of multibeam sonar data inside the HYPACK? package.

HYSWEEP? has been integrated to almost all multibeam systems, including those from Odom, Reson, Konigsberg/Simrad, Elac/Seabeam, and GeoAcoustics. With over 500 HYSWEEP? users on six continents, HYSWEEP? has proven to be powerful, cost effective and easy to learn. Although software packages provided by multibeam manufacturers might be great at data collection, they are usually weak when it comes to generating final products. What??;s great about HYSWEEP? is that it is fully integrated into HYPACK?, allowing you access to all of the great final product routines, including volume computations using your multibeam data.

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