The latest oceanographic and marine scientific research equipment

Strength, reliability, and long battery


Over a period of more than 30 years, OCEANO acoustic releases have pro...

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portable splashproof remote control unit

iXSea Telecommand Unit TT801

The TT801 is the portable splashproof remote control unit designed to ...

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Small, autonomous 24-bit profiling logge

RBR XR-620 Deepwater CTD

The XR-620 Deepwater CTD is a small, autonomous 24-bit profiling logge...

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Measure waves with GPS

Datawell Directional Waverider DWR-G7

The DWR-G wave buoy measures waves with help of the Global Positioning...

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Measure waves with GPS

Datawell Non-Directional Waverider SG-7

Second generation non-directional wave height measuring buoy.

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Trawl Resistant Bottom Mount

Oceanscience Barnacle 53

Trawl resistant bottom mount ADCP frame. The Oceanscience Barnacle 53 ...

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Tide and Wave Recorder

RBR Solo D.Tide

The new single tide and wave recorders provide the ease and flexibilit...

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Single channel logger for tide analysis

RBR Virtuoso D.Tide

RBRs most flexible, option-packed, single channel logger for tide ana...

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Ocean Test Equipment Niskin Vertical Water Sampler

Standard B, Model 110B, has the body made of PVC, with spring closure ...

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