The latest oceanographic and marine scientific research equipment

Relocate targets in zero visibility

Sonardyne Homer Pro

Homer Pro enables divers to quickly and easily relocate targets in low...

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Locate seismic hydrophones

Sonardyne TZ/OBC Transponder

Designed to work with Sonardynes TZ/OBC acoustic positioning system, t...

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Monitor and protect assets

Metocean CABO Iridium Beacon

The CABO beacon is a rugged, self-contained Iridium beacon that is ful...

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Bi-directional Iridium telemetry

Metocean iBCN Iridium Beacon

The iBCN is the next-generation of MetOcean NOVATECH Iridium beacons,...

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Receive real-time GPS positioning

Metocean IR-7300 Iridium Beacon

The NOVATECH IR-7300 Iridium Beacon is a ruggedized incident alerting ...

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Remotely monitor underwater moorings

SiS SMM 500 Subsurface Mooring Monitoring Beacon

Sub-surface Mooring Monitoring remotely monitors underwater moorings t...

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Water velocity measurements

Global Water FP111 Flow Probe

The Global Water Flow Probe is a highly accurate water velocity instru...

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Highly accurate water velocity

In-Situ AquaTroll 600 Multiparameter Sonde

The Aqua TROLL 600 is a customizable, powerful multiparameter sonde. I...

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Efficiently collect bottom sediments

KC Denmark Mini Van Veen Grab

Sampler for collecting bottom sediments for biological, hydrological a...

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Accurately sample hard bottoms

Wildco Ponar Grab

Widely used in fresh and salt water for taking samples of hard bottoms...

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Anchoring security for cruising sailors

Speedtech Depthsounder SM-5

Anchoring security for cruising sailors! Find deep water easily from y...

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Multi-frequency smart antenna

Hemisphere AtlasLink GNSS Smart Antenna

AtlasLink is an all-new multi-GNSS, multi-frequency smart antenna prec...

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